Rules for Use

Who can use IU Ride?

IU Ride is for everyone at IU. It's a misconception that only women can feel unsafe. If you're an IU student or employee and you don't feel safe walking home or to work, we're here for you.

Pickups are limited to two people

We'll pick up one person, or two people who are going to the same place. A group of three or more people is considered safe for walking.

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"Safety first" is our most important rule

IU Ride puts safety first, and that's why we need a few rules and guidelines. We want to be sure our student drivers are available to give free safe rides to people who need us urgently.

As a student-run service, we value the health and safety of all our riders and drivers. If you are sick, we ask that you do not use public transportation, ride-sharing services, or taxis. All riders are encourage to wear a mask over their nose and mouth.

Indiana University's response to the coronavirus

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Did we mention it's free?

We can't always provide the shortest distance from A to B, but our service is always free.

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Sorry, we can't take you to a party or bar

We're a safety service—we'll pick you up from a party or a bar, but only if you're going home. We also can't take you to work unless you have proof of employment, like a staff ID.

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Six guidelines to being a courteous rider

1. Request a ride when you're ready to be picked up

IU Ride operates on a request-by-request basis. Please be ready before you request a ride.

2. Don't wait until the end of the night to request service

We have a big influx of requests at the end of the night, and we often have to stop taking requests as early as a half hour before our operating hours end. It's first come first served so submit early!

3. Be waiting outside when you see that the van is approaching

It will be easier for your driver to find you if they see you when they pull up

4. Have your phone on and nearby

If the driver can't see you, they will send a push notification to your phone. Make sure you have push notifications on! If you cannot see the van, call dispatch at 812-855-7233, so that dispatch can better inform the driver of where you need to be picked up. 

5. If you don't need your ride, cancel it through TransLoc right away

It slows our service down when we have to go out of our way to pick someone up only to have them no-show. That's time and space we could have used to give someone else a ride, so please cancel as soon as your plans change.

6. Don't request and cancel rides repeatedly to try to get a better pickup time

Doing this causes inaccurate pickup times in the system for everyone. We will suspend your service if you repeatedly request and cancel rides in a short time period.

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Getting people home safe. That's what we do.

—Abigail, IU Student

Where we make dropoffs

IU Ride operates within Bloomington city limits. We'll take you home, or to work (please have proof of employment, such as a uniform, name tag, or work ID). We won't take you to parties or bars, but we will pick you up from them—whether you're sober or intoxicated—no questions asked. If you request a ride to a party or a bar, we may suspend your service—we're sorry, but keeping you safe is what we're all about.

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Pickup location at the Wells Library

If you're requesting service from the Herman B Wells Library, we'll pick you up in the parking lot, which is on the south side of the library.

See Pickup Location on Google Maps

If you're not sure you're in the right place for a pickup, call us at 812-855-7233.