IU Ride Late Nite by Lyft

IU Ride Late Nite by Lyft

IU Ride and Campus Bus have partnered with Lyft to offer all current IUB students a new late-night ride service. The Lyft on-demand service will discount $6.50 (excluding tip) off rides in the designated from 11 p.m.–3 a.m. nightly.

IU has arranged for a maximum of 1,600 rides to be available each month. If 1,600 rides occur during a month, the program will be paused until the first of the next month.

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Get Started

IU Ride Late Nite by Lyft is easy to use. Follow these step-by-step instructions to get started.

  1. Get the Lyft App
    Download the Lyft app. Already have the app? Just make sure to update to the latest version of the app.
    lyft-logo-transparent-png.png   Apple Store   Google Play
  2. Get your Lyft Ride Smart credits
    Look for your invitation from Lyft Business sent to your IU email address and follow the instructions. Once completed, you will be enrolled in the program and should see the credit information appear in the "Payment" section of your Lyft app.
    Linking your IU email address to your new or existing Lyft account to participate. If you didn’t receive the invite from Lyft, contact motrpool@indiana.edu.
  3. Take a Late-Night Ride with Lyft
    Credits will automatically apply to your rides taken in the designated area. Be sure you have set to Lyft Shared and Personal mode. If your ride is ordered in business mode your Lyft credit will not be applied.
    If the cost of you ride exceeds $6.50, the difference will be charged to your personal credit card registered to your Lyft account. Tips are not required and not included. If you tip the driver the cost will be charged to your credit card.

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Service Area

Your IU Ride Late Nite with Lyft ride must start in this area. The area boundaries are:

  • North – 45/46 By-pass, Discovery Parkway
  • South – Third Street
  • East – 45/46 Bypass, to Discovery Parkway, to N Pete Ellis Drive
  • West – North College

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Safety First

Be a smart passenger and remember to mask up.

Tips For Riding Smart with Lyft:

  • Verify your ride by making sure the license plate number, driver information, and car make and model match what you see in the app.
  • Share your location and route with a friend or loved one from within the Lyft app so they can follow your ride in real-time.
  • Follow the Lyft vehicle on GPS via the app.
  • Ask the driver to say who they are picking up.
  • Learn more about how to ride smart with Lyft.

Lyft’s Health Safety Program

Lyft’s COVID-19 Safety Tips for Passengers:

  • Wear a face mask. 
  • Use hand sanitizer before and after riding. 
  • Sit in the back seat to maintain a safe physical distance. 
  • Keep the car windows open to increase air circulation in the car. 
  • Stay home if you are sick. Contact your physician if you experiencing COVID symptoms.

In response to COVID-19, Lyft launched a Health Safety Program, which includes:

  • Personal health certification for drivers and riders
  • Required face masks for drivers and riders
  • Health safety education for drivers and riders
  • Distribution of cleaning supplies and masks for drivers
  • Read more about the program on the Lyft website.

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